My First Vlog - Multi Screen Installation

My First vlog is an uncanny installlation consisting of children's vlogs, who effortlessly mimic the work of famous Youtubers. Their self-made smartphone films are sequenced and timed to perfection. The installation illustrates a Brave New World of children using digital technology and social media for self expression.

Ik Ben Ik (current exhibition)

Golden Google Gate - Multi Screen Installation

When my mother returned from a trip to San Francisco, she eagerly shared her holiday photos with me, including snapshots of the Golden Gate Bridge. While it held personal memories of a beautiful journey for her, it sparked a new project in my mind.Using the Google reverse image search function, I embarked on a quest for similar pictures of the bridge, captured by both amateurs and professionals. Through the technique of hyperlapse, I crafted films that showcased 24 images per second.

My Fiverr Film - MU Artspace

During my studies at St. Joost in Breda, I developed an insatiable fascination for the visual culture of the internet. My graduation installation, "My First Vlog," was previously exhibited at MU in The New Newsroom, and I am also one of the speakers at the first Eindhoven edition of The Hmm on February 28th 2019. Furthermore, starting from October, I had the privilege of being the first MU Plug In Artist, with access to the two containers that make up MU's contribution to Plug In City. This opportunity has allowed MU to become a co-producer of my latest work, "MY STORY," which is entirely based on Fiverr.

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